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proposed site-layout

I need to make a layout that works table style: where the elements in each row hang together. Right up until a mobile screen requires new configuration, that is. I'm using Adaptive Theme, and creating a custom subtheme, which is now my favorite way of working. (Thanks for your excellent commenting hints, Jeff!)

I started learning Drupal 9 months ago - in May 2012. I was fortunate to have a pretty deep history with HTML and CSS, and also to have the benefit of a Drupal startup class. Throughout the course I kept a private blog with my lessons and observations. I'll be porting much of that over to this site, as well as posting my "aha!" use cases and solutions.

A Christmas Revival

by Debby Cruz (aka Diane E. Bryan)

“Mom, is there really a Santa Claus?”

There they were. Those words every mother dreads. The end of innocence as control passes into her child's hands.

“Yes, Joey, there is.” I could say, and postpone the inevitable. Or I could give him a hug, say “No,” and feel guilty forever.

This little javascript file is all I needed to change my Google Navbar.  That, and Firefox Greasemonkey.  So now, when Google opens, the black bar on top has links that are meaningful and useful to me.  I've even got that navbar for Google Maps and Google Shopping!

If I have time, I'll post a step-by-step how to make your own custom navbar.  Let me know if that interests you.

The girls performed admirably at the Holiday Breakup celebration. Their new biketards and skirts got a round of applause all by themselves.  And the dancing got cheers. Here are the girls trying out their new outfits.  First thing they had to do was handstands!

Dear friends,

Thanks to the generous donations of friends of the children of Ciqomi and of the dance, the leotard fundraiser has nearly arrived at its destination.  Here is a photo of some of the girls from dance class trying out their new skirts.   Following that, you can see a few of them in a joyful lunge pose.

I recently updated my database password in Wordpress.  I changed the database password in my hosting panel then updated the password in my Wordpress wp-config.php file.  What I didn't notice at the time was that Dreamweaver added a couple of line returns at the end of the config file.

The result was that I could not login.  My home page looked normal enough in Firefox, but when I tried to login the login screen had two errors at the top.  In Opera there was only a white page with an error instead of my wordpress home page.

If you're like me, a design-oriented web-head, you always appreciate when someone approaches a tutorial from your point of view.  Better yet if they approach an application with your needs in mind.

When making the transition from designing HTML sites to designing ASP.NET sites, you probably don't care about all the dynamic tricks and hoop-jumping. You probably want to know, "what is the template and master page syntax for setting up the page to look like the HTML that I know so well?"

Whenever I spend time someplace I seem to always end up giving dance lessons to little girls.  It is one of life's delights.

Red-headed d

Never tried henna.  Tried it.  Hair feels nice.  Looks... well... ORANGE!!!